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Company News

Xenon Smart Tech for Mother’s Day

Time:2019-05-13 Views:4755
With Mother‘s Day coming, smart technology may not be the first gift to come to mind.
Does your mother need more perfume?
I mean, how many books can you buy?
When special occasions arise. We want to give you some convenient pointers.
Today we will keep it simple. We have divided our proposal into two parts, and we have eight ideas to help you get slightly different suggestions for Mother‘s Day in 2019.
Practical gift ideas to make your mother‘s life easier
Functions don‘t need to mean boredom. We‘re not talking about buying your mother iron or a suit.
The fact that you‘re reading shows that your mother may already be interested in intelligent technology, and maybe not only that.
Perhaps she appreciates the benefits of home automation rather than showing too much interest in the product itself.
The first five suggestions we offer you may not seem like the most attractive gift, but when you think about how these devices can change your mother‘s life, you may need to rethink.
Xenon Wi-Fi plug
Xenon ZigBee plug
Xenon Wi-Fi power strip
You can control and manage plug-ins through applications, which include timer functions, and she can also issue voice commands to Alexa or Google Intelligent Assistants.
In addition, the application can also be used as a controller for other xenon devices, providing your mother with a range of optional gifts, which she will welcome.
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