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Control your lights from anywhere

Time:2019-05-15 Views:3334
Control your lights from anywhere
Use Jinvoo Smart Wi-Fi ZigBee plug power strip Light Switch to control lights, ceiling fans and other lamps at any time and anywhere.
The installation of smart switches is as simple as traditional light switches, and can be connected to home Wi-Fi
through Jinvoo Smart App immediately. Jinvoo Smart also allows you to use smartphones to manage connected lights,
including setting timetables. For convenience, you can use voice-controlled intelligent switches when pairing with Amazon Alexa.
Remote management
Jinvoo Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch allows you to control anything controlled by a monopole light switch through your
mobile phone. Wherever you are, you can turn off lights, ceiling fans and other lights.
On a warm day, you can turn on the ceiling fan before you leave work, so that you can go back to a more comfortable home.
Use your voice control
Jinvoo Smart switches can be used directly with Amazon Alexa and Google Intelligent Assistants to manage your devices through
voice control. Assign names to each smart switch and communicate with each switch by name when issuing voice commands.
You can also create a group for all smart devices and control them in a single command.
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